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Every year, tens of thousands of parents abandon one or more of their children.


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More than $6,600,000 in aid delivered to needy children and families in ten countries.


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Haiti’s Malnourished Children


Thank you for your help.

I recently returned to Haiti for the first time since the earthquake. Our vehicle wended it’s way for hours through the choked traffic and widespread rubble of the Port au Prince, north through the bleak and arid landscape, past the filth and wreckage of the roadside communities along Highway 1, and then up a winding rutted rural road to the small but active village of Cazale.

Outside the clinic compound d the location is distinctly Haiti; inside the gates, another world exists. Order, purpose, companionship and healing pervade the place. One has the feeling of coming out of a hurricane into a harbored refuge, a space protected and shielded from all the chaos and ruin around it, and attended by a presence that comforts, eases, puts at bay the forces working to destroy everything around it.


Abandoned Children Struggle For Survival!
Abandonment is a very distinct affliction that strikes children when poverty and disease prevail.

Abandoned children are the most helpless and most frequent victims of violence, disease, malnutrition and death. Without the support from their families, these children are exposed to the frightening dangers of abduction and sexual exploitation.

Shockingly, there are over 20 million homeless or abandoned children in the world today - a majority of them are orphans.

Many of these orphans have been traumatized by witnessing the ruthless murder of their parents or by helplessly watching them die of AIDS or starvation. Alone, with no one to raise them, abandoned children must resort to eating any scraps available and wandering the streets.

Emotionally and physically scarred, the future for these orphans is a bleak reminder of lost hope.

Abandoned Children's Fund has not forgotten these helpless children and orphans.

We devote our time and effort to building schools, medical clinics, feeding programs and children's homes that have become sanctuaries of love, laughter and hope rather than despair.

These are the Abandoned Children we seek to serve.

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The social stigma associated with abandoning one's child (in any culture) causes parents to decide in secret to abandon their children and with deep shame added to the devastating heartache.

Quietly plans are made to bring a child from a remote village to the city, on the pretext of visiting the marketplace or a distant relative. The child is brought to a busy street corner and told to wait a moment for momma to return with a drink of water. Momma never returns.

Abandoned children are sometimes carried deep into the forest or far out into the desert or a swamp and left to the wild to avoid the shameful mark of child abandonment.

When abandoned in populated areas sometimes there are orphanages or strangers homes to which the child is delivered. Sometimes there is none.