James - Kenya


Shortly after thugs murdered 9 year old James' father in North West Kenya, they kidnapped him and brought him to the site of his father's slaughter while the blood was still fresh and told him, "This is your father's blood." They then brought him to the morgue and showed James his father's brutalized body. His grieving mother and her other two daughters were the object of many death threats from these same men who killed her husband.

The shock of this experience caused James to become confused and unable to concentrate on his studies at school. He kept repeating he wanted to go away and be with his father. Our children's shelter took James and cared for him through his traumatic recovery. His mother was offered a job as a cook at one of the shelters and can now care for her two daughters without the threat of harm from her husband's assassins.

Cecilia - Kenya


Six year old Cecilia and her 9 year old brother Peter were left with their sick and aging grandmother when their parents separated and disappeared. The grandmother soon died and the children were left with no care or supervision and were starving.

The mother of their mother (who was very poor and needy, and already caring for many other stepchildren) went from them, but had no provision for them so they were sent daily to beg at the market. They had no hope of education.

Both Cecilia nd Petere are now happpy in the children's home where they are fed, clothed and receive a quality education.