Blademir - Philippines


Our first impression of Blademir was, "He is too small for his age of four." Most of the adults noticed that he was too weak and vulnerable for his age. His face had several bruises, his body had some burns, and he was so thin. He was neglected and maltreated by his parents, who are now both n jail after concerned neighbors reported to authorities about the abuses to the child.

In his new home Blademir was provided first with love and affection, plus the comforting experience of being accepted and included in activities. He began to receive basic nutritional food to compensate for the nutrients that he lacked. As his physical wounds healed, his body became stronger and he developed the capacity to cope with the demands of daily physical activities like play.

Presently, he's attending a pre-school program where he plays and learns valuable lessons; positively interacting with other kids in a non-threatening environment. A smile is beginning to grow on his beautiful face.


Junjun - Philippines


Junjun had been deprived of proper care and nourishment for the many years that his family lived on the ruthless streets of Manila. Junjun was beaten every time his abusive father got drunk, which was frequently.

It wasn't until a concerned neighbor intervened and referred him to our project partner in Manila, that he discovered that he was not only welcomed, but also loved and valued in his new sheltered and caring environment. In his new home, Junjun does not have to worry about where to get his next meal or have to roam the streets in search of it because his new family is providing it for him. There are no more bruising wounds to break him down.

Eventually, Junjun started to gain some weight, started learning to play and have fun with other children, and it is also observed he is gaining confidence in interacting with other kids at home and at school through his participation in sports and other games.