Six Things Every
Every Child Needs


1. Love
Our children's homes and programs provide loving care around the clock, every day of the year to thousands of children. We provide a safe haven from the cruel streets - a place to grow and be a part of a family.


2. Clean Water
Clean water programs (well drilling, water filters & pasteurization) provide this source of life to children each year, preventing such lethal diseases as dysentery, parasites and typhoid.


3. Healthy Food
Our feeding centers supply hot meals to children every day. Whether in Mexico, Cambodia, Philippines and remote African villages or poverty-stricken areas like Haiti, we are there - serving protean supplemented, nutritious meals to grateful children.


4. Education
From Africa to Central America, dedicated teachers provide eager students with the knowledge and skills they require to become self-sufficient, healthy citizens.


5. Medical Care
Sustainable health initiatives including immunization, simple antibiotics, treated mosquito nets and instituting basic sanitation protocols are vital to the survival of abandoned children. Through our homes and orphanages, children can now live healthier lives.


6. Hope
Hope for the future is built on a foundation of loving care, adequate nutrition, health care, education and vocational training. These services are combined to provide these children with the life skills necessary to replace fear with love; poverty with self-sufficiency; and despair with hope!







We Are Your Compassion at Work...

ACF’s purpose is to rescue and restore the individuality and dignity of abandoned children through our hearts, arms and programs. 

Our households give abandoned children a path forward in their struggle for wholeness. They have food to eat, clean water to drink, a bed to sleep in and responsible adults with heartfelt love for them to grow and develop in.

Along with the basic human daily needs of orphans, we work to build a worthwhile tomorrow, including the provision of an education, vocational training and mentoring, so that they have meaningful hopes for a brighter future.

While these children had been abandoned, they are like any other child in the world. They like to play, enjoy an education and know they have dependable family relationships. They have survived longing for the day when they would have a good family to belong to where love is felt, where there is understanding and where there is the security of daily meals and no more fear and loneliness. Now, because of you, they get to enjoy it.

With your help, we can provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and most important of all, love these innocent vulnerable children. If you would like to help abandoned children around the world, please click the link below.