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The Situation in Kenya

About our work in Kenya

Kenya is a nation beset with challenges for children. 2-1/2 million people have been diagnosed as HIV positive – a circumstance that has created many orphans. Distant relatives, and patched together remnants of extended families in some cases, inherit the weight of caring for surviving children, but the majority of orphans must rely on the scarce handouts of already tragically impoverished strangers. Imagination their insecurity.

We have a number of program partners in various parts of Kenya who have proven to be faithful and devoted to these children. From orphanages, schools and feeding projects in the North Eastern Nakuru region, where we support residential homes and school for over 45 former street children. They now have a nurturing environment where they receive food, clothes, shelter, medical care, and the most important thing of all - love.

These generous care-givers offer hands-on shop training, welding, sewing, carpentry, computer training and mentoring in farming and raising animals. When you think of how these children were once wandering the refugee camps or dirt roads of Nakuru - homeless, hungry and alone, it is overwhelming to see how well-adjusted and happy they now are.

In the East Central Meru region, we support a medical, educational and economic development project that has made deep, life changing inroads, particularly into malaria mitigation (in an area where 85% of the residence suffer from malaria) and a staff of medically trained personnel and interns provide school based medical instruction to students, in-home visitation and instruction in the principles of basic health and nutrition to mothers and families. In a recent initiative Sanitary Hand Washing Stations were installed for students to use (after using the toilet) in every public school in the district (70 schools) making this district the only one in all of Kenya with such an Health and Sanitary improvement. 

This medical and education model is integrated with an agriculturally based micro-enterprise lending program that provides low interest loans for cows, goats and chickens to hundreds of families to begin generating both a capital income base and a rich and necessary source of protein to their diets.



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