Micailine and Micailda

Glimmer of hope

Micailine and Micailda

One of the saddest statistics in Haiti is that it has on of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Fortunately for newborn twins, Micailine and Micailda, they have a glimmer of hope because of the services at Lifeline, where they were recently brought by their aunts.

They were so small and frail when they arrived that it was scary to even lay them on the scales to weigh them. Their total combined weight was only eight pounds, twelve ounces. Their small frames were so weak that without immediate medical attention and nourishment they would have had no chance of survival.

The babies' mother is very close to death. Unfortunately, this is a constant problem in Haiti. Because of the malnourished conditions of even the adults, the lack of medical attention, and the high rate of illness, so many children are left without their parents.

Because of your generous donations, the twins will have the necessary funds for medical attention and formula for premature babies.

Micailine and Micailda have nearly doubled their weight!